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What's in the Wallet?


Financial news

Stay up to date on market news and current trends.


Practical guidance

Learn how the finance world affects you.


Watch and listen

Access educational podcasts and videos by Stash.




has been set aside
by Stashers.**


of Stashers are more
financially literate than the
average American.***

*This is not an endorsement or a statement of satisfaction by any Stash client and is defined by the number of clients who have e-signed.

**“Set Aside” is defined as complete incoming transfers from external funding sources to Stash across all account types including the debit account since 9/11/2015. This value does not factor in withdrawals.

***A survey was conducted online within the United States by STASH using SurveyMonkey technology in February 2019. The survey was completed by 4,800 people. STASH users who had been on the platform for one year scored 12% better on the survey than clients just starting out. Financial literacy is defined herein as an individual’s understanding of various broad-based financial and/or economic concepts including, but not limited to, inflation, compound growth, asset allocation, and expected return.”

Why Stash?



Invest what you can afford.

With fractional shares, you can choose how much to invest.


Stock-Back® Card

Invest as you spend.

When you use our card, we’ll give you stock in well-known brands.1



Invest in yourself.

Our three plans can make it easy and affordable to build wealth.



Invest in your goals.

We can help you save and protect you from hidden banking fees.2



Invest in your future.

Stash can help you plan and save for a secure retirement.4



Invest in your children.

Help the ones you love with children’s investment accounts.5

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