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The first automated savings solution that rewards your employees for achieving their financial goals.*

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Lack of savings increases stress, undermining workforce productivity and morale.

It pays to save with StashWorks.

Employees want to achieve financial progress with your help.

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Money is the #1 source of stress for Americans.

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Financial wellness programs are the #1 requested workplace benefit.

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75% of workers say financial stress impacts their productivity.

Save for the future. Get rewarded today.

The first automated savings solution that rewards your employees for achieving their financial goals.


Earn Rewards

Employees earn cash in a Stash Smart Portfolio as a reward for achieving saving streaks.7


Build Savings

Automated payroll deductions help employees build their savings consistently.

& Grow

Learn & Grow

Employees gain confidence and financial knowledge with engaging content and expert guidance.

Nearly 90% of workers say they would participate in a workplace saving tool.

Trusted by millions.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is StashWorks?

StashWorks is a workplace benefits program powered by Stash. We securely connect with your HRIS system, so that employees can allocate money from their paycheck into a StashWorks account. They’ll earn automatic stock rewards in a Stash Investment Portfolio as they continue to save money for the future. We offer a suite of financial tools and education to support their financial growth. Employees don’t pay any subscription fees and there are no account minimums. They can adjust their paycheck contribution amount in their StashWorks Dashboard, where they’ll also have access to their full Stash banking and investing account.

Can employees immediately access their rewards?

A cash reward is deposited into an employee’s banking account when they complete a “savings streak.” These funds are blocked for withdrawal from Stash for 90 days to deter fraud. The employee can invest or spend the cash, using their Stock-Back® Debit Card, at any time and without limitations, encouraging them to save and invest for their future.

Can I add to my employee’s StashWorks reward amounts with my own contributions?

Yes, every employer can contribute cash to their employees’ Stash rewards. We are developing the functionality to support employer-sponsored stock rewards in the near future, addressing the unique legal and compliance obligations for each business.

Will Stash handle employee customer service inquiries directly?

Yes. We encourage employees to reach out to us directly for all StashWorks-related questions. Our customer service team is available via email or phone from 8:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. ET Monday-Friday and 10:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday. In addition, employers and employees are provided with training guides and sessions, including FAQs and our online customer service portal.

Will you provide financial advice to our employees?

As a registered investment advisor, Stash provides personalized investing guidance and financial education based on each users’ goals and risk level. StashWorks does not, however, provide live, one-on-one access to financial advisors, planners, or wealth managers.

Can I offer this to employees based outside of the U.S.?

Stash is not currently authorized to serve customers residing outside of the U.S. Only employees with a SSN can enroll in StashWorks.

How are employees off-boarded if they leave the company?

If an employee is a StashWorks account holder and leaves the employer or is terminated, they have a 90 day grace period to (1) convert their account to a Stash Growth plan for $3/mo or (2) cancel and withdraw funds. They continue to have uninterrupted, unchanged access to their account during the grace period, but do not receive streak rewards.