Terms and Conditions of Gifting ProgramEffective August 31, 2018

All participation in, and referrals made, through the gifting program described herein (the “Gifting Program”) are subject to and governed by the following Gifting Program terms and conditions, as well as the specific Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of our websites and mobile applications (i.e., our “platform”) that correspond with any use of our services on the part of the giftor and/or the giftee.

Stash Financial, Inc. and its affiliates (“Stash”) accept debit cards to facilitate the ability of individuals (“giftors”) to purchase gifts for existing advisory clients of Stash Investments LLC (“giftees”). Stash Investments LLC is an SEC-registered investment adviser. Only Stash clients who have applied for and been approved for a Stash personal taxable brokerage account and/or UTMA/UGMA account for the benefit of a minor (each such account, an “investment account” for purposes of these terms and conditions), and such account is in good standing, may receive a gift of the investment advisory services of Stash Investments LLC. Giftors need not be a Stash client to purchase a gift for a giftee.

Payments for Gifts

Debit cards displaying the following brands on the front of the card can be used as payment for gifts: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Network. By sharing a unique gifting link (on the part of the giftee) and by entering payment information (on the part of the giftor), each of the giftee and giftor, respectively, accept these terms and conditions.

Stash may process a card payment through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, STAR, NYCE, PULSE, Accel or other payment networks, as available (each a “Payment Network”). Regardless of the Payment Network used to process a giftor’s card payment, giftor needs to enter his or her card number, expiration date, security code from the back of the card, and address (including ZIP code) where giftor receives the card statement. The giftor does not need to enter his or her Personal Identification Number (PIN). By entering debit card information, the giftor represents that the associated debit card is owned by giftor and giftor has the right to and is authorized to transfer funds through such card.

The giftor’s financial institution may charge giftor a fee for payments we process as a PIN-less debit transaction. Stash does not allow cash advances because they typically incur immediate interest charges. If the giftor has any questions regarding the terms and conditions of his or her debit card, including but not limited to how interest is calculated on a card, the giftor should contact his or her financial institution using the telephone number found on the back of the card.

As of the effective date of these terms and conditions, gift cards may be purchased in any fixed cash face value up to $150. This maximum amount is subject to change in Stash’s sole discretion, with or without notice to giftor or giftee. The gift itself is a fixed cash value. The gift is not stock or any other security and is not a recommendation to buy any particular stock or any other security.

Giftor will receive a receipt that confirms the debit transaction following successful authorization. Giftee will receive a notification at the time of authorization and be able to confirm that any funds have been received in his or her Stash investment account(s) per giftee’s ordinary course account statements provided in connection with the services giftee receives.

Giftor may have the ability to include a message to giftee with a gift. Any such message will be processed, transmitted, retained, and used by us in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Unique Gifting Links

By sharing his or her unique gift link(s), the giftee thereby initiates the Gifting Program and Stash acts as an agent of the giftee to enable gifts to be made to giftee’s investment account. The Gifting Program is not publicly available. Stash clients should not publish or distribute their unique gift links in locations where the audience is likely to include individuals they do not know or who may not be interested in offering a gift. To the extent any Stash client decides to post their referral link on any third-party website or platform, such as a social media website, such client must comply with that third party’s terms of use. Stash clients should also be aware that by engaging in any such activity on a third-party website or platform (1) they will be, at their own risk, subjecting themselves to those third-parties’ privacy, security, and consumer practices and policies, which Stash does not endorse or control, and (2) that those third parties may be able to tell, based on their activity, that they are clients of Stash. Stash clients must also acknowledge and accept that the friends from which they request gifts will be able to tell that they are a client of Stash.

Gift Redemption and Fees

A gift is a one-time use and only redeemable in connection with the various investment advisory services of Stash Investments LLC. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other goods or services other than the investment advisory services, cannot be used to purchase other gifts and cannot be reloaded, resold or transferred. Each giftee must have an investment account open and in good standing in order to receive a gift.

We have a relationship with a third-party depository institution to enable the Gifting Program. By sharing a unique gifting link (on the part of the giftee) or by entering debit card information (on the part of the giftor), the giftee and giftor, respectively, instruct the third-party bank to hold any funds in a bank account for the benefit of the giftee and controlled exclusively by the bank and subsequently transfer any such funds from the bank to an allocation account of Stash Capital LLC, our affiliated registered broker dealer, at Apex Clearing Corporation, a third-party SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC, which serves as qualified custodian for the advisory assets of Stash Investments LLC, our affiliated registered investment adviser. Funds will be transferred from the allocation account to the giftee’s Stash investment account. Each of the giftor and the giftee have the authority to amend or terminate this instruction but, in such case, this gifting program will not be available to such individuals.

The entire value of the gift will be credited to a giftee’s Stash investment account immediately upon successful gift authorization by the card processor. At such time, the recipient will have the option to redeem the cash for fractional shares of stock. The value of shares of stock will go up and down with time. The gift is not a recommendation to buy any specific stock or other security.

No transaction fees apply in connection with the purchase and delivery of a gift, but Stash reserves the right to apply fees in the future to the extent permitted by law. Investment advisory accounts are subject to a monthly wrap fee, which may vary depending on the total assets kept in the account. For a detailed description of the wrap fee and any other fees, please see the Wrap Fee Program Brochure for Stash Investments LLC and client account agreements available at www.stash.com/disclosurelibrary.

Additional Terms & Conditions

The Gifting Program is not intended to be used as a way to transfer money from one person to another. Stash will monitor transactions for such activity or any other activity that may constitute misuse of a gift or is potentially suspicious or illegal. Gifts are only redeemable in connection with the investment advisory services of Stash Investments LLC.

Stash does not refund amounts funded to a Stash investment account(s) through the Gifting Program (except to the extent required by law).

A giftee will be required to connect a bank account to his or her Stash investment account in order to request and receive a withdrawal of funds from such account.

Stash reserves the right, without notice to giftor or giftee, to reject or void any gift without a refund if Stash suspects the gift was obtained or used fraudulently, unlawfully, or otherwise in violation of these terms and conditions. This right is in addition to any other rights Stash has under any other terms and conditions of Stash’s services and any other applicable documentation. Stash also reserves the right to not permit a certain number and/or aggregate amount of gifts per giftee and a certain number and/or aggregate amount of gifts per giftor, as well as any other restrictions or limitations Stash deems necessary, desirable, or appropriate in its sole discretion in connection with the Gifting Program.


Stash may modify the Gifting Program (including any of these terms and conditions governing the program) from time to time and at any time, with or without notice, in our sole discretion but subject to our compliance with applicable laws. Other restrictions may apply.

All terms and conditions are applicable to the extent permitted by law. If any of these terms and conditions are deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that unenforceable term will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining terms and conditions.

Giftors may not reside in Kentucky or Wisconsin.

Participation in the Gifting Program is void where prohibited by law.