No matter how you separate it, a whole can always be pieced together again.

Budgeting and saving, all in one app.

Save, bank, invest—and budget. Our latest money management tool can help you organize your cash, save for your goals, and build wealth for the future.13

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Give every dollar a purpose.

Organizing your cash by everyday needs and goals can help you take control of your finances, achieve your savings goals, and eliminate stress along the way. Here’s how you can do it on Stash.

Name and Save.

Ready to start your personal budgeting? Create your own spaces for expenses and goals—think rent, groceries, an emergency fund, or your next vacation! You can name each one and add a target date and dollar amount

Set your goals.

Building savings is easier when you can track your progress. Set a target date for your goals13 to stay on track.

set budgeting goals in app

Re-route your round-ups.

Flip on round-ups to automatically put the spare change from your purchases toward a goal.

round-up feature to budget spare change from purchase

Set Reminders.

Tell us the hard numbers you want to hit, and we'll ping you with reminders to move your money into—or out of—these spaces.

Budget your paycheck.

Just got paid? Don't spend it all in one place! No, but seriously, don't do that. Set up direct deposit and budget each paycheck easier—you can even get it up to 2 days earlier on Stash.4

budgeting your paycheck in app on phone

Activity Alert

Track your spending

As you manage and organize your money, print and use this coloring sheet to track your goals, income, and expenses in real life.

Stash App

Change your financial future.

Our personal finance and investing app can help you manage your money, build wealth, and learn as you go.

  1. 01

    Affordable investing.

    Invest in thousands of stocks and funds with no add-on trading commissions. And with fractional shares, you can invest any dollar amount.

  2. 02

    Online banking.

    Get your paycheck up to two days earlier than usual. Then, organize your cash in a more personal way than just “checking.”

  1. 03

    Simple automation.

    Use our advanced technology to build healthy spending, saving, and investing habits.

  2. 04

    Personal guidance.

    The current financial system doesn’t teach people how to reach their financial goals. We do—with useful advice and free education.


Are these technically separate bank accounts?

Will this cost me anything?

What happened to my spending cushion?

Are transfers instant?

Budget your money, your way.

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