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When you use the Stock-Back® Card, we’ll give you stock in well-known brands.1

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To begin investing on Stash, you must be approved from an account verification perspective and open a brokerage account.

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Why use the Stock-Back® Card?


Swipe and earn stock.

Get a percentage of your purchases back in stock.1


Get stock, not points.

Unlike rewards, stock never expires and can actually grow.


Earn up to 5%.

Enjoy bonus stock at brands you know and use.1


Customize your card.

Pick a custom investment for when you shop local.


Invest automatically.

We’ll invest for you as you spend. No effort required.


No hidden fees.

We don’t charge overdraft or minimum balance fees.2

35,233,622 pieces of
stock earned.

(as of 8/4/2021)

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    Stock-Back® Card1
    Get paid up to 2 days early3
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    $1k life insurance offered by Avibra
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Each plan includes Financial Counseling services which is impersonal investment advice, as it relates to guides, reports, and education material about investing and financial planning. Each plan includes the option to open a brokerage account and a bank account. The subscription fee is due if a client is receiving Financial Counseling Services regardless of whether or not a client chooses to open and/or use a brokerage account. In order to obtain personalized investment advice, clients are required to complete the suitability questionnaire during registration, must be approved from an account verification perspective and open a brokerage account. Click here for more details.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Stock-Back® Card?

The Stock-Back® Card1 is a debit card offered exclusively through Stash. When you use it to spend, we’ll reward you with matching pieces of stock on your purchases. It’s an easy, automatic way to help grow and diversify your investment portfolio, just by living your everyday life.

The Stock-Back® Card is backed by a FDIC-insured bank account with no hidden fees. That means no overdraft fees, no monthly maintenance fees, and no minimum balances, plus access to over 19,000 fee-free ATMs.2 Your bank account also includes perks like smart budgeting tools and payday up to 2 days earlier through direct deposit.3

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What stocks will I earn?

When you spend at places that have stock listed on our platform—like Walmart, Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks—we’ll give you stock in those companies. When you spend anywhere else, like your local car wash or pizza shop, we’ll reward you with your custom investment: a stock or diversified fund (ETF) of your choice.

How much stock will I earn?

You’ll earn 0.125% stock on all of your everyday purchases, and up to 5% at certain merchants with bonuses. For a full list and more details, see the Terms and Conditions.

What purchases qualify for stock rewards?

For the most part, your regular purchases—including gas, groceries, travel, and dining—will earn you stock. Non-qualifying purchases include ATM withdrawals, gift or prepaid cards, and money orders. For a full list and more details, see the Terms and Conditions.

How much does the Stock-Back® Card cost?

Every Stash subscription plan includes the Stock-Back® Card, at no additional cost to you.

Stash offers three easy plans for long-term investing, starting at just $1/month.

Stash Beginner costs $1/month. It can work for first-time budgeters and investors. It includes a personal investment account, the Stock-Back® Card,1 saving tools, personalized advice, and $1,000 of life insurance coverage through Avibra.

Stash Growth costs $3/month. It can work for people who want to expand their long-term wealth building plan. It includes a personal investment account, the Stock-Back® Card, saving tools, personalized advice, a Roth or Traditional retirement account (IRA),4 and $1,000 of life insurance coverage through Avibra.

Stash+ costs $9/month. It can work for savvy wealth builders and debit card spenders. It includes a personal investment account, a Stock-Back® Card that earns double stock,1 saving tools, personalized advice, a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA retirement account, investment accounts for kids,5 an exclusive monthly market insights report, and $10,000 of life insurance coverage through Avibra.

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What is Stash?

Stash is a personal finance app that simplifies investing, making it easy and affordable for everyday Americans to build wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Stash was built with a simple philosophy: everyone should have access to investing. Thanks to fractional shares, anyone can invest in the stock market with $5 or less. And along with other investing and saving tools, like the Stock-Back® Card,1 Stash helps more than 5 million people reach their financial goals. (This is not an endorsement or a statement of satisfaction by any Stash client and is defined by the number of clients who have e-signed.)

Is Stash safe?

Is Stash legit? Yes. From your investments to your cash, you can feel confident in the security of your money on Stash.

  • Stash uses cutting-edge security features.
  • Stash works to keep your spending safe and secure.
  • Stash is a registered investment advisor with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    While such registration does not imply a certain level of skill, it does require us to follow federal regulations that protect you, the investor. By law, we must provide investment advice that is in the best interest of our client.

  • Stash offers FDIC-insured bank accounts through Green Dot Bank.1

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