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Dec 14, 2018

Planes, Trains, and Stash! Holiday-Themed Portfolios

By Stash Team

It’s a wonderful time of the year to fill your portfolio with Zuzu’s petals.

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The holidays are a time for fun and games. And for us at Stash, we find fun in investing—so, we thought we’d blend investing with one of the more amusing traditions of the holiday season: Christmas movies.

We’ve picked a few of the most popular Christmas films and tried our best to determine, thematically, what types of investments most closely align with them.

Is this for real? Sort of! While Stash doesn’t actually recommend that you model your investment portfolio on elves and holiday-ruining burglars, it’s a lesson in diversification, a key part of The Stash Way.

Let’s get started:

“A Christmas Story”

“A Christmas Story” is the tale of Ralphie and his quest to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. It’s become such a beloved classic, some TV networks run the movie continuously, 24-hours per day.

So, if we were to “leg-lamp” a portfolio, here are some of the industries we would be interested in:

  • The defense sector—an ode to the Red Ryder BB Gun.
  • Food and beverageFun fact: Ovaltine is now owned by Nestle.
  • Retail—gotta buy that Red Ryder somewhere (retail).
  • Consumer staples—For when your mom washes your mouth out with soap.

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

This 1946 holiday classic, starring Jimmy Stewart and directed by Frank Capra, is actually fairly dark. But everything works out in the end, after the drunken car crash, suicide attempt, and chance meeting with an agent of the Almighty.

For Stewart fans, here’s how we might want to model your portfolio:

  • The financial sector—The Bailey Building and Loan’s role in Bedford Falls is a key part of the plot.
  • Aerospace—You can’t lasso the moon unless you get close enough.
  • Health care—Hearing loss, depression—there are a lot of pressing health issues to address in Bedford Falls.
  • Small business indexes—Bedford Falls is bustling with small businesses.


This comedic Christmas flick, starring Will Ferrell as a confused man who believes he’s one of Santa’s little helpers, will leave you with a hankering for maple syrup. But what does it look like as an investment portfolio?

Here’s what we think:

  • Food and beverage—You can’t have a proper plate of spaghetti without maple syrup. Plus, candy is one of the four main food groups.
  • Retail—the retail sector is incredibly important to the holiday season.
  • Travel and leisure—You probably can’t get to the North Pole without a flight out of town.

“The Santa Clause”

Tim Allen accidentally kills Santa and is then contractually obligated to become the next incarnation of jolly red giant. Oh, and his adversary in the movie is Judge Reinhold. It’s worth a watch.

As for the investments?

  • Consumer discretionary sector—Santa loves giving toys to children. Until Tim Allen’s character commits Santacide.
  • Health care—”Does this look like a little weight to you?” (Allen has to gain some weight to fit into Claus’ pants).
  • Defense—At one point in the movie, the Delta Force of elves is dispatched to save Santa’s jolly butt. Where would he be without some of that national defense research and development?

“Home Alone”

A young Macaulay Culkin is left home alone in this 1990 holiday classic. How does that premise, and all its subsequent hijinks, fit into an investment portfolio? Here you go:

  • Food and beverage—A kid’s gotta eat (cheese pizza, preferably), ya filthy animal. Plus, you’ll want to get soft drinks in the mix: “Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi.”
  • Retail—Gotta buy all those booby traps somewhere, like a home improvement store.
  • Airlines—It’s to support the McCallister family’s winter trip to Paris, of course.
  • Consumer staples—You can’t slap your cheeks and scream without some aftershave!

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