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Get paid up to 2 days faster.

Unlock early payday with direct deposit to Stash.4

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direct deposit

Early Payday

Unlock early access to
your pay.

Most banks may hang onto your paycheck. We’d rather get your money into your own hands, so we pass it along as soon as we receive it. It only takes a few minutes to switch your direct deposit to Stash.12


What is direct deposit?chevron icon

Direct deposit is when your employer or benefits provider electronically transfers your pay or benefits directly into your designated bank account. Your bank account with Stash includes access to direct deposit, which can help you get paid up to 2 days earlier4. Learn more about direct deposit. Learn more about direct deposit.

How do I set up direct deposit?chevron icon

It’s easier than ever to switch your direct deposit to Stash banking—here are your options!

The quickest way to enroll in direct deposit can take under a minute. First, navigate to the Spend tab in the Stash app and tap on Direct deposit. Choose Continue to start the switch in the app. From there, you’ll just need to:

  1. Tell us who your employer is and enter your employee ID (if you have one).
  2. Let us know the amount or percentage of your direct deposit you want to allocate to Stash.

Depending on your employer, we’ll either send the direct deposit form to your employer on your behalf, pre-fill the form for you to then share with your employer, or take you to your employer’s online payroll provider to finish up all the details. Typically, your direct deposit switch will occur within 1 to 2 pay periods.

Prefer to switch over your direct deposit the traditional way? You can also choose to download and print the manual direct deposit form via the Stash app, fill it out, and then hand it in to your employer or benefits provider.

How can I get paid 2 days early?chevron icon

Direct deposit is a feature that you can access through your bank account with Stash. Your employer or benefits provider will often notify us of your incoming deposit in advance of your actual payday. If that happens, we can credit your pay or benefits to your bank account instead of waiting for payday—up to 2 days earlier! Learn more about direct deposit.4

What do I need to open a bank account?chevron icon

An optional bank account is included in all Stash subscription plans. You can apply for your bank account during registration or at any time in the app.2 To receive your physical Stash Banking card in the mail, you’ll first need to make a deposit of $5 or more into your bank account

Can I turn off direct deposit?chevron icon

To cancel a direct deposit, contact your payer or the agency that administers your benefit. They’ll tell you how to cancel the service.


Online banking, made easy.

Your digital-first Stash banking account also comes with tools and tips that can help you save more and spend smarter.

Organize your money.

Create a separate space for your money that can be used to cover unexpected bills or save up for a big purchase.


Bank insights7

Learn from helpful insights on spending


Recurring transfers

Keep your bank account auto-funded.


Stock-Back® rewards

Earn stock on your everyday spending.


Mobile check deposit

Deposit your checks, right on your phone.


Digital bill pay

Automatically pay your recurring bills.


E-wallet integration

Pay on the go, no debit card necessary.


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