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Get your pay up to 2 days early with direct deposit to Stash.3

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Why budget and save with Stash?


Early payday

Get your pay up to 2 days faster than coworkers.3


Flexible deposits

Deposit your whole paycheck, or just a piece of it.


Fast and secure

No more trips to the bank or checks lost in the mail.


Get ahead

Pay bills, budget cash, and invest—up to 2 days sooner.


No hidden fees

Protect your pay from overdraft fees and minimum balances.5


Total money management

Allocate cash to spend, save, or invest for retirement.

How early payday
works at Stash.
Most banks know when you’ve got an incoming transfer, but some may hang onto your money for a few extra days in order to make interest off it. We don’t think that’s fair, so the bank credits your Stash banking account with your pay once they’re notified of an incoming deposit

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Choose the plan that’s right for you. You can switch or cancel anytime.§

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Disclosure: For a select group of clients, each plan will include Financial Counseling Advice (i.e Impersonal Investment Advice) as it relates to one or more guides, education materials about investing and financial planning, along with access to open brokerage accounts and a bank account. The subscription fee is due if a client is receiving Financial Counseling Services regardless of whether or not a client elects to open and/or use a brokerage account. Click here for more details.

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