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Sep 16, 2019

Teach Me How To Money: A Personal Finance Podcast

By Team Stash

Teach Me How to Money is the go-to personal finance podcast for everything you want to know about your money.

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Teach Me How to Money is the go-to personal finance podcast for everything you want to know about your money. One of Stash’s goals is to make complicated financial concepts simple, and in our podcast, we explore money topics in terms everyone can understand. We’ll help you get smarter about your money—from investing basics to tackling debt and boosting savings—so you can save for the life you want, with the money you have today. Hosted by Jeremy Quittner, Senior Writer & Editor at Stash.

Season 5

This season, we speak with a wide range of personal finance experts and personalities about rethinking college debt, retiring early, having that scary talk with parents about their finances, talking openly about money with others, and much more. Many of our guests this season have their own fascinating stories to tell about how they overcame financial hardships to become successful business people. As a bonus, this season we’re also shaking things up a bit, with a segment devoted to understanding financial concepts.

Podcast: Why I Started Stash with Brandon Krieg

Ep. 054: Stash CEO and founder Brandon Krieg talks about solving customer pain points with his fintech company.

Podcast: How to Retire at Any Age with Farnoosh Torabi

Ep. 053: Guest Farnoosh Torabi talks about why you don’t need a huge stack of money to start planning for retirement.

Podcast: Teach Me How Real Estate Can Create Income with Natali Morris

Ep. 052: Guest Natali Morris talks about the potential value of owning property that produces cash.

Podcast: How To Feel In Control Of Your Money with Winnie Sun

Ep. 051: Guest Winnie Sun helps us understand self worth, and why controlling your financial life is key.

Podcast: How to Avoid Money Mistakes with Joe Saul-Sehy

Ep. 050: Guest Joe Saul-Sehy talks money lessons we all wish we knew sooner.

Podcast: How To Have Financial Conversations with Your Parents with Cameron Huddleston

Ep. 049: Guest Cameron Huddleston talks about having those hard talks with mom and dad.

Podcast: How to Earn Passive Income with Paula Pant

Ep. 048: Guest Paula Pant explains how we can become financially free if you make the right choices, and prioritize saving.

Podcast: Why Finance Isn't Just a Man's World with Bola Sokunbi

Ep. 047: Guest Bola Sokunbi talks about how women need different financial education and advice than men.

lgbtq flag and book

Podcast: How to Be Smarter with Money with Gaby Dunn

Ep. 046: Guest Gaby Dunn talks about being bad with money, and how she wised up.

stove with a french flag and book

Podcast: How to Rebuild Your Credit and Improve Your Credit Score with Chelsea Fagan

Ep. 045: Guest Chelsea Fagan gets real about how she tackled debt.

Podcast: How to Tackle Student Loans and Other Debt with Anthony ONeal

Ep. 044: Guest Anthony ONeal talks about why college may not be for everyone. He shares his experiences of getting into—and out of—massive college debt.

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Season 4

Does just thinking about money give you serious stress? Are you always broke and can never get ahead financially? Or do you have money envy—about how little you think you make compared to others? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Season 4 could be what you’ve been waiting for! Our guests talk about all of these topics, as well as how to get into the millionaire mindset, making money promises with yourself you actually keep, and LGBTQ finance.

Podcast: How to Pay Off My Debt with Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

Ep. 043: Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche had a lot of debt. She tells us how it happened, how she paid it off, and how we can avoid the same trap.

Podcast: How to Be an Everyday Millionaire with Chris Hogan

Ep. 042: Chris Hogan, financial expert and author of the book Everyday Millionaires, teaches us how we can get there.

Podcast: All About LGTBQ Finance with The Debt Free Guys™

Ep. 041: The Debt-Free Guys tell us all about how they got out of debt—and started helping others.

Podcast: How To Feel Okay About My Income with Lindsey Stanberry

Ep. 040: Feel like everyone is making more money than you? Lindsey Stanberry from Refinery29 teaches us to feel better about our salaries.

credit cards

Podcast: All About Credit and Credit Cards with Brianna McGurran

Ep. 039: Brianna McGurran from Nerdwallet teaches us all about credit cards—how to get them, how to choose one, and how to pay them off.

Podcast: How to Keep New Year's Resolutions with Jean Chatzky

Ep. 038: Personal finance legend Jean Chatzky teaches us how to make (and keep) our 2019 promises to ourselves.

Podcast: How To Do a “Money Cleanse” with Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Ep. 037: What does a “financial nutritionist” do? Ashley Feinstein Gerstley teaches us how to get healthy about our finances.

Podcast: How to Be a Smart Shopper with Trae Bodge

Ep. 036: Trae Bodge talks through thoughtful ways to use coupons, gift cards, and how not to fall for phony discounts.

Podcast: All About Financial Advisors with Douglas Boneparth

Ep. 035: Douglas Boneparth, the coauthor of The Millennial Money Fix, tells us what to look for in a financial advisor (and what to avoid).

Podcast: How to Stop Being Broke with Kristin Wong

Ep. 034: Feeling broke is no joke. Finance writer Kristin Wong talks to us about getting by and getting ahead.

Podcast: All About Financial Therapy with Amanda Clayman

Ep. 033: We talk to Amanda Clayman about how to cope with serious money stress.

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Season 3

This season’s podcast guests include Axios editor Dan Primack, who’ll help you understand what financial news is all about and why it’s so important—he’ll also help you see the difference between fake news and the real thing. Also, “Broke Millennial” author talks love, money, and compatibility, and the founders of the budget travel blog Club Thrifty, dish about getting the most out of your card miles and rewards.

Podcast: How to Understand Financial News with Dan Primack

Ep. 032: Fake news? How can you tell? Dan Primack, the business editor of the Axios, tells us how to get the facts.

Podcast: How to Refinance Student Loans with Vince Passione

Ep. 031: Vince Passione, the founder, and CEO of LendKey breaks down all you need to know about refinancing student loans.

Podcast: How to Travel on a Budget with Holly Johnson

Ep. 030: Miles! Rewards! Hacks! Bad deals, and fine print. Holly Johnson of Club Thrifty teaches us to travel smart without going broke.

Podcast: How to Invest Like a Marine with Zach Iscol

Ep. 029: You don’t have to be in the military to invest like a soldier. Check out these financial lessons from Zach Iscol, CEO of GridNorth.

Podcast: About Money and Love Compatibility with Erin Lowry

Ep. 028: Don’t fall in love until you’ve listened to this podcast episode with Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping by and Get Your Financial Life Together.

Podcast: How to Save Money in Your 20s with Erin Lowry

Ep. 027: Tips, tricks, and savings advice from Erin Lowry, author of ‘Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together’

Podcast: How to Pay Off My Student Loans with Jodi Okun

Ep. 026: College financing expert Jodi Okun offers us lessons on how to cope with post-graduate financial life.

Podcast: Learn About Funds and Diversification with Jeremy Quittner

Ep. 025: Index funds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds. What the heck are they? Jeremy Quittner explains it all.

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Season 2

Health insurance, video games, and talking finance with your kids are just a few of the topics we consider in Season 2. Also, David Rheins, the founder and executive director of the Marijuana Business Association, tells all about the promise and challenges of this cannabis sector. Plus, author and financial experts Bobbi Rebell speaks about ditching shame and starting to act like a financial grownup. Yes, please!

Podcast: Face Your Financial Fears with John Schwartz

Ep. 022: NY Times writer and author John Schwartz tells us about how it’s never too late to face your financial fears.

Podcast: How To Be a "Financial Grownup" with Bobbi Rebell

Ep. 021: Author and podcaster Bobbi Rebell tells us how to ditch the shame and get started.

Podcast: Learn About Health Insurance with Jennifer Fitzgerald

Ep. 019: Jennifer Fitzgerald, the CEO of PolicyGenius, talks me through the confusing health care landscape.

Podcast: How to Talk To My Kids About Money with Giff Carter

Ep. 018: Custodial accounts can give a child a financial head start (while educating them about investing), Giff Carter breaks it all down.

Podcast: The Difference Between Saving and Investing with Giff Carter

Ep. 017: Giff Carter explains both great strategies to help reach your goals. But there’s a real difference between the two.

Podcast: Why You Need a Will with Sara Benincasa

Ep. 016: Author and comedian Sara Benincasa tells us why we shouldn’t be creeped out and why it’s a smart thing to do at any age.

Podcast: Learn About Inflation with Jeremy Quittner

Ep. 015: Our financial writer Jeremy Quittner explains what is inflation.

Podcast: How to Talk Finances With Your Partner with Sarah Li Cain

Ep. 014: Money changes everything. Sarah Li Cain suggests to tackle these topics now to avoid financial heartbreak (and broken furniture).

Podcast: Learn About Market Volatility with Ed Robinson

Ep. 013: The markets can feel like a roller coaster. Stash co-founder Ed Robinson weighs in on a crazy week

Podcast: Learn About the Business of Marijuana with David Rheins

Ep. 012: The founder of the Marijuana Business Association, David Rheins talks the promise and challenges of this growing sector.

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Season 1

In our very first season, Stash CEO Brandon Krieg tells us why consistency is the smartest investing strategy anyone can have. Plus, you’ll learn about the best way to ask for that long-overdue raise, avoiding holiday shopping madness, and how your love of fantasy football can help you build a smarter portfolio. Tune in, you won’t be disappointed.

Podcast: Why We Spend Money Irrationally with Jeff Kreisler

Ep. 011: Jeff Kreisler, co-author of “Dollars and Sense” talks one-click shopping, the “pain of paying,” and all the reasons we struggle with saving.

Podcast: Holiday Money Stress with Dr. Greg Cason

Ep. 010: Bad gifts! Unpaid loans! Dr. Greg Cason from Bravo’s ‘LA Shrinks’ tells us how to avoid holiday money clashes.

Podcast: Learn How Comedian Mark Normand Saves Money

Ep. 009: We talk with Mark Normand about savings, credit, IRAs and all the things we (never) learned about money in school.

Podcast: How to Pay Bills While Following Your Dreams with Mike O'Shea

Ep. 008: Horror film director Mike O’Shea talks about making money when you're “successful-ish.”

Podcast: Learn About Fantasy Football and Investing with Ryan Finneran

Ep. 007: Go long! Your fantasy skills can help you build your portfolio. We explain how with Ryan Finneran.

How to Negotiate a Raise

Ep. 004: Ready to ask for a bump in salary? Don't go to your boss without these top tips from Natalie Ledbetter.

Podcast: How To Get Excited About Retirement with Devin Wilmot

Ep. 003: Stressed out about saving for retirement? You're not alone!

Podcast: How to Ignore “Hot Tips” with Brandon Kreig

Ep. 002: Stash CEO Brandon Krieg tells us why "tips" are worthless and strategy is key.

Ep. 001: Want to get smarter about money? This podcast is for you.

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