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Feb 13, 2018

Podcast: How to Talk Finances With Your Partner with Sarah Li Cain

By Team Stash

Money changes everything. Tackle these topics now to avoid financial heartbreak (and broken furniture).

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Not talking about money can turn even the best relationship into a bad romance.

It’s a tough conversation to have. But think about it–money touches every part of our lives, including our love lives. The rent, bills, vacations, unequal salaries, cosigning loans, different career goals, these can all factor in big tensions.

When there’s the d-word. Debt. How can you touch on this topic without endangering feelings or bringing up feeling of shame?

Money is a part of trust in a relationship. If you can tackle your finances as a team, you can tackle anything.

Finance blogger Sarah Li Cain shares her story of romantic financial disaster and everything she learned about the all-too important relationship between love and money.

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