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Jun 21, 2018

Podcast: How to Pay Off My Student Loans with Jodi Okun

By Stash Team

College financing expert Jodi Okun offers us lessons on how to cope with post-graduate financial life.

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You took out student loans. You graduated (or didn’t) from college. Now you’ve got bills to pay and you wonder if you’re ever going to get out from under it all.

Student loans are a big part of our post-graduate financial lives. And a lot of us didn’t plan on how we were going to pay them off when we took out those loans when we were seniors in high school.

Here are some more sobering stats from the Federal Reserve:

  • Over half of college attendees under 30 took on debt to pay for their education.
  • Among those making payments on their student loans, the typical monthly payment is between $200 and $300 per month.

On this week’s edition of Teach Me How to Money, college financing expert Jodi Okun offers us real talk about how we can manage our student loan debt while still building our financial futures.

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