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Sep 27, 2018

Podcast: How to Understand Financial News with Dan Primack

By Team Stash

Fake news? How can you tell? Dan Primack, the business editor of the Axios, tells us how to get the facts.

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What do we want from our financial news? Just the facts, ma’am.

If you get dizzy reading the daily onslaught of tweets, posts, and headlines, we get it. It can be hard to know what’s real and what’s an emergency? The media has a knack for making everything seem like a crisis.

How can you stay cool but still be informed? How can we begin to follow the news when it can seem so overwhelming?

Well, you can start with reading Stash Learn (shameless plug) or you can listen to Dan Primack, the business editor of Axios and author of the Pro Rata newsletter and podcast, where he offers his advice on how to get started reading business and money news and where to start.

Dan talks about fake news, analysts, taking the long view, and how to get started learning about financial news.

Thanks for listening to Teach Me How to Money. Send us your questions at, and we’ll try to answer them on a future episode.

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