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May 26, 2017

Stashing While Serving: Military Stashers Are Saving Beyond Their Years

By Clare Edgerton

Our men and women in uniform are incredible investors.

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We’d like to commend our Stashers in the military for their strength, bravery, sacrifice, and service. We would also like to congratulate them for being incredible investors.

May is Military Appreciation Month, so we took a deeper look at the thousands of Stashers on our platform who are in the armed forces. It turns out that military Stashers are fantastic investors. In fact, they’re more disciplined investors than the average Stasher.

Military Stashers are great at Auto-Stash

Auto-Stash is a feature that allows Stash users to invest automatically, picking a certain amount to invest, and the frequency with which they would like to make the recurring investments.

Previous data analysis has shown that Stashers with Auto-Stash on have almost triple the savings after one year than a Stasher without the feature turned on.

“We found that our military Stashers are almost twice as likely to use Auto-Stash,” said Michael Gartner, Stash’s in-house data scientist.

Long term investors

Military Stashers are also more likely to be investing for the long-term. Stash is about investing, not trading. Military Stashers are doing just that, indicating that they intend to use their investments further into the future than the average Stasher.

Stashing younger

The average military Stasher is only 27 years old, compared with the average Stasher, who is 30. Why is that three years important? Despite being an average of three years younger than the average Stasher, military Stashers are proving themselves to be savvy, thoughtful investors, ahead of their years, and their nonmilitary peers.

Military Stashers are more likely to invest for the long-term.

“It was amazing to find that, despite being younger, on average, our military users are exhibiting great investing behavior,” Gartner said. “Overall, when you look at the numbers, they are better Stashers, and at a younger age, which means that their future as investors is looking pretty bright.”

How are military Stashers investing?

To start, military Stashers are investing in the Mixes, Blue Chips, Delicious Dividends, and Roll with Buffett, all investments that are popular across the platform with all Stashers.

However, military Stashers are slightly more likely to invest in Aggressive Mix than your average Stasher, and seem to be favoring American Innovators more than the average Stasher.

They are also putting their money where their morals are. They are 8% more likely to be investing in Defending America than their civilian counterparts.

Thank you for being such amazing investors, and for choosing Stash as part of your financial journey.

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Clare Edgerton


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