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May 1, 2020

Recurring Transactions and Auto-Invest

By Team Stash

Power up! We’ve got more ways to help you meet your savings and investing goals.

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Want more ways to save money? Recurring Transactions (formerly Auto-Stash) can help you with that.

We think it’s smart to try to automate as many of your savings and investing goals as possible. (Studies have shown the more you can automate, the more likely you are to meet your financial goals.)

Recurring Transactions from Stash gives you more ways to stack up savings.

Wait, what is Recurring Transactions?

Recurring Transactions is a Stash essential. You can program how much money you want to save toward your investments, including retirement. You choose how much you want to save and how often. The money moves seamlessly from your checking account to Stash so you can invest on Auto-Invest, no sweat required.

We think Recurring Transactions is so important, that we made it part of The Stash Way.


Auto-Invest is classic Recurring Transactions. It lets you transfer money into your Stash investing accounts automatically, on a set schedule.

Select the amount you want to save, and save it regularly on a schedule that works for you.

With Auto-Invest, you can set aside money into your cash balance, or into any of the investments you’ve added to your portfolio. It’s the easiest way to make regular investing into a habit.

You can also use Auto-Invest to fund your retirement and custodial accounts.

Go automatic!

With all of these new and improved features, you can always hit pause, and then resume using them at any time.

Be sure to take advantage of all the great new features that Recurring Transactions has to offer, so you can make saving and investing an automatic habit.

If you’re new to investing, Recurring Transactions is a great way to begin with recurring investments. You can start investing on Stash with just a dollar (or any dollar amount). Stash also offers fractional shares, or pieces of whole shares, of stocks and ETFs. So you don’t need a whole lot to get going.

By turning on Recurring Transactions, you can automate your investments into that portfolio without having to remind yourself.

Make saving and investing a habit.

Go automatic with Recurring Transactions.
Start now

Make saving and investing a habit.

Go automatic with Auto-Stash.
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Make saving and investing a habit.

Go automatic with Auto-Stash.
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Written by

Team Stash

*Please note, Stash does not offer savings accounts.

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