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Feb 21, 2018

Renters Insurance Can Help You Avoid These Money Disasters

By Lindsay Goldwert

Good news for renters: It doesn’t cost a lot of money to protect your stuff.

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Good news for homeowners and renters: It doesn’t cost a lot of money to protect your stuff.

No more forms, phone calls, and headaches. Now, you can get a policy that’s just right for you, right from your phone, iPad, or computer. Get coverage through Lemonade* for a long list of things, including theft, fire, and third-party injuries, in less than 3 minutes. Yes, really.

Here are seven common disaster scenarios that are covered:

Break-ins and theft

There’s nothing worse than a break-in. But while you’re sorting out the emotional fall-out of having a stranger in your home, you can at least feel confident knowing that you’ll be reimbursed for your laptop, stereo, or anything else you were smart enough to insure.

  • Pro tip: Make sure your personal property coverage covers the value of all your stuff. $10,000 may seem like enough, but the value of your stuff adds up pretty quickly.

Water damage

It just takes one upstairs neighbor who loves to overfill her bathtub to cause a drip, drip, drip and then a landslide of plaster down into your kitchen. Pipes can burst in winter too, causing a deluge of damage. While renters insurance doesn’t cover natural floods, it can pick up the tab on a lot of man-made disasters, including dropping your phone in the toilet or knocking your a water bottle over onto your laptop.


A fire from a tipped-over candle or faulty fuse? When the smoke clears, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your clothing and valuables are covered. Another bonus: If you have to move out of your apartment or house after a fire, renters insurance can cover your living expenses until you move back in.

Guest injuries

Everyone loves a party… unless catastrophe strikes. If a guest slips and falls, or your babysitter twists an ankle on your snow-covered stairs, you’ll be covered for most liability claims or medical bills.

Third party coverage

Let’s go back to that overflowing bathtub–and imagine what happens if it leaks into your neighbor’s living room downstairs, ruining the carpets and the floor.  Or let’s say you accidentally run into a neighbor’s lawn fountain with your car. Renters will cover these problems too.

Fun fact: If your kids drop a plate or a glass vase at the local department store, it could cover you for this damage too.

Additional coverage for belongings

Renters insurance also covers theft of valuables outside of your home. That means you’re taken care of when things are taken from your hotel room or car, or even if you’ve parked your bicycle outside and it gets stolen.

Overenthusiastic dogs

Got a pup that likes to nip instead of lick? Homeowners and renters insurance can protect guests in your home from liability related to dog-bites.

In summary, here’s why you need renter’s insurance: When your dog bites. When a thief steals. When your cooking’s bad (and something catches fire). Just simply remember that you have renter’s insurance and then you won’t feel so bad.

Ready to get covered?

Learn more about how you can get renters insurance through Lemonade starting at $5 a month.



Written by

Lindsay Goldwert

Lindsay Goldwert is an author and freelance personal finance writer, as well as the host of Spent podcast

Disclosure: Lemonade is a marketing partner of Stash. All information provided is for informational purposes only. 


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