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Oct 26, 2020

Don’t Let Life Creep Up on You. Help Protect Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance.

By Team Stash

Life insurance can help your beneficiaries to stay afloat once you’re gone.

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Halloween is on the way, which means it’s time for candy, costumes, and best of all, scary movies. 

If someone’s going through the day without life insurance, they may be just like the person in the scary movie who goes into the dark basement alone. Leave those financial nightmares to Hollywood producers. You can help protect your loved ones from the financial headaches they can encounter should something happen to you. 

Protect the people you love against all things spooky

Life insurance can shield your loved ones from a sudden loss of income if you die, by offering a payout to the person, or people, that you designated in your policy. These people are called beneficiaries. 

This year changed the way we do everything, including how we celebrate Halloween, it can be especially important to reflect on how your beneficiaries rely on you. Think of the many expenses your loved ones may need to face alone if you’re not around: 

  • Funeral expenses. Funerals can be expensive. In fact, the average burial in North America costs between $7,000 and $10,000. If your loved ones aren’t prepared to cover the costs of your funeral, life insurance can help them afford to give you a proper ceremony.
  • Day-to-day costs. Think of the people who depend on you and your income. Or the people who count on your spouse’s income. Even after you’re gone, they’ll still need to pay for groceries, clothes, medical care, and more. Life insurance can allow your beneficiaries to maintain their way of life. 
  • Unexpected emergencies. Think of how you react when someone you love gets hurt or experiences another emergency. If you’re not around to take care of them, you want to help ensure that they’re still getting the help they need. A life insurance policy can do just that. A payout after you’re gone can help beneficiaries when they’re in a jam. 

If you purchase term life insurance, you can pick a certain time period of coverage, such as 10 or 20 years, and our beneficiaries can receive a payout from your policy if you pass away during that time. 

No tricks, just treats with Bestow life insurance

This Halloween, get ahead of the scary things that go bump in the night. With Stash’s partner Bestow,* you can apply for a term life insurance policy quickly online. 

With Bestow, you can get a quote for life insurance right from your home. Before you start handing out candy this Halloween, grab your own treat: a quote from Bestow.*

Protect your people in minutes.

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