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Dec 17, 2019

You Don’t Need a Crystal Ball With Life Insurance

By Team Stash

A term life policy can help protect you and your family.

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Picture this: The year is 2025. You’re searching around your house for your wallet as you head to the garage and hop in your flying car. The moment you fasten your seatbelt you realize you forgot to charge it, and it’s completely dead. Drats! You head back into your house and fish out your teleportation pad from the closet…

Seem a little too far fetched? If predicting the future isn’t your biggest strength—which we suspect it may not be—life insurance may be a smart move for you and your family.

Term life insurance can provide a financial cushion if something unexpected happens to you in the next two, ten, or even 20 years. It can help with things like living expenses, mortgage payments, even funeral costs. It can also help your family continue saving for your children’s education, or the dream house you planned to buy.

Life insurance is a (tax free1) backup plan, and it can be an affordable plan B to your plan A, as well as an essential part of your financial roadmap. It can give you confidence, knowing that it will help your family stay afloat, and your loved ones are looked after if something happens to you.

Who knows what the next decade may hold, but you can head into it with peace of mind, protection, and a policy tailored to your needs.

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