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Mar 30, 2017

A Profound Moment for Our Stash CEO Brandon Krieg

By Brandon Krieg

A finance event ignited inspiration when Krieg spoke with the people who truly needed simplified investing.

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Today I had the opportunity to speak on a panel at the Security Traders Association of New York, Inc. (STANY) Annual Capital Markets Conference. I spoke on a panel about FinTech Disruptors, to a crowd of people with a keen eye on the future of finance in America.

In a room full of high-profile finance types, from traders and brokers, to venture capitalists, you would think that I would have spent the time after the panel talking numbers with a bunch of power suits.

And while I did have a few of those conversations, the interactions that left the biggest impact on me were the ones I had with individuals attending and working the event who don’t work in finance. The men and women that were serving the food and cleaning up. They asked me how they can sign up for Stash and how they could begin investing.

A real estate broker gave me her card, telling me how much she wishes she had had access to something like Stash 20 years ago, and asking what it can do for her now that she’s getting closer to retirement.

Our Mission is Clear

I came back to our office ready to write, ready to tell you all about how much this moment meant to me. This is why my partner Ed and I left Wall Street to start Stash.

Our mission is to simplify investing and make financial opportunity available to the millions of Americans who have been largely left out of the investing conversation.

We founded Stash to provide opportunity. Seeing and hearing people want to take advantage of the opportunity to invest really hit home. The people I ended up spending the most time talking to at STANY were not Wall Street types, they were our future customers.

I spoke with people whose lives can be changed by simplifying investing, and those conversations got me fired up that we are onto something.

You want to invest. And all of us here at Stash want to help you get started.

Brandon Krieg, Co-Founder and CEO of StashInvest

Written by

Brandon Krieg

Brandon Krieg is the CEO and co-founder of Stash.


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