Stash101® Cookie Policy

Last updated: August 24, 2021

1. Overview of Cookies

Stash101 does not set cookies on the Stash101 Platform; however, our third party service providers use cookies through tracking software on the Stash101 Platform (the "Service") to improve your user experience. This Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, including, without limitation, the types of cookies used, who set cookies and why, your rights and choices, and the duration of cookies. In most cases, cookies do not collect personal information; however, when the information collected through cookies and other tracking software is combined with other information, it will become personal information. In this case, Stash101’s Privacy Policy shall apply. By using the Services, you consent to this Cookies Policy. Further, if you are signing up for the Services and creating accounts on behalf of one or more students, or if you’re agreeing to these Terms of Use on behalf of an organization or entity (for example, if you’re an administrator agreeing to these Terms of Use on behalf of your district), you represent and warrant that you’re authorized and have received any required consent to use the Services, and bind any student, organization or entity to this Cookies Policy. If you do not agree to this Cookies Policy, you may block cookies as described below in section 6.

2. What are Cookies

Cookies are tiny bits of data/information that a website attaches to the browser of its visitors – through a unique code – in order to track some preferences and activities about such visitors. Cookies can either be first party cookies, which means they are set on your browser by the owner of a website (in this case, Stash101), or it can be third party cookies – meaning that they are set on your browser by third party service providers, who perform certain tasks on the website’s behalf. For example, Stash101 uses Google Analytics on the Stash101 Platform, which is a third party application provided by Google Inc. In order to carry out analytics for us, Google Inc. Sets its cookies on your browser through Google Analytics.

3. Types and Durations of Cookies

The type of cookies used on the Services is the analytics/performance cookies, which are set by Google Inc. through Google Analytics. This cookie is used to gather behaviors of visitors on the Stash101 Platform, including information about how many visitors are on the Stash101 Platform, how long each visitor stays on the Stash101 Platform, what part of the Stash101 Platform each visitor is currently on, and other analytical reports.

The cookies used on the Services are of two different durations: The first is a “session cookie,” which lasts for a session of a visitor’s browsing time. i.e., it expires when the visitor/user closes their browser. The second type of cookie is a “persistent cookie,” which lasts for much longer and does not expire when the visitor/user closes their browser.

Cookies are used for various purposes on the Services. Among other things, cookies are used to improve your user experience and remember your preferences, such as your log in details and other profile information. Most importantly, cookies are set by Google Inc. through Google Analytics (described below) to gather analytics reports on Stash101’s behalf.

4. Other tracking software

As mentioned above, the cookies used on the Stash101 Platform are third party cookies, which are set through third party tracking software, Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tracking software that Stash101 uses to gather analytics information on the Stash101 Platform about visitors or Stash101 Platform users. The information collected through Google Analytics is anonymous and includes the dimension and metrics of the traffic to the Stash101 Platform. As mentioned above, Google Analytics collects anonymous information, such as the source of traffic to the Stash101 Platform, the website a visitor navigates to the Stash101 Platform from, the location a visitor is currently browsing on the Stash101 Platform, and the actions the visitor has taken on the Stash101 Platform.

To learn more about Google Analytics, click here. You have the right to opt-out of Google Analytics by downloading the Google Analytics opt-out Add-on extension on your browser.

5. Your Choices regarding Cookies

If you wish to block cookies from being attached to your browser, you may be able to visit the help section of your browser to learn how. However, if you block cookies, some functions on the Services may not be available to you. Therefore, we recommend you to permit the setting of cookies on your browser.

6. Updates

We may update this Cookies Policy from time-to-time due to changes in the Services or applicable law. Updates or changes to this Cookies Policy will be in effect when the Last Updated change above changes. Updates to this Cookies Policy will be communicated to you via the Stash101 Platform. We also recommend you frequently review this Cookies Policy to monitor updates.