Lesson 9: Research and Gallery Walk
Young Adult, Lesson 9
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Lesson 9: Research and Gallery Walk

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to gather and share key information about pivotal financial topics.


  • Provide enough poster or Kraft paper, art supplies, and tape or tacks for students to create visual presentations and hang them on the classroom walls.
    • If you’re teaching remotely, considering creating and sharing a single Google doc where students can create their “gallery.” 
  • Make sure students have paper to write on.

Hook (3 min)

Slide: In your life, what’s one…
Say: In your life, what’s one money-related issue that’s caused difficulty—for you or for your family, friends, or community? You don’t need to provide details—just identify the issue at a high level. For example: lack of health insurance, insufficient income, lack of funding for desired education, etc.

Call on 2-3 students.

Say: Ok—I’d like you to pair up now, and sit with your partner. If we have an uneven number of students today, we can have one group of three.

I’m going to pass around a hat/bowl, and I want you to write the name of one person in your group on a slip of paper and put it into the hat/bowl. When each group has a name in the hat/bowl, please pass it back to me.

Questions (5 min)

Slide: Questions
Ask: What questions do you have ? 

Call on students and allow their peers to answer. If their peers are unsure, direct students to do additional research after class.

Reflection (5 min)

Slide: Reflection/exit ticket
Say: What’s one thing you learned from the gallery walk? Let’s go around.

Ask each student to describe one thing they learned.

Slide: Takeaway