Lesson 8: The Future of Money
Unit 3, Lesson 8
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Slide Show 3-2-1 Reflection Advertisement Assignment & Rubric

Lesson 8: The Future of Money

Learning Objective:

Students will explore some common questions around Bitcoin and then, in the form of an advertisement, take a position on whether or not Bitcoin or another form of money should be the new currency of the world.  

Jump$tart Standard: There is no Jump$tart standard aligned to this lesson plan

SEL Competency: Social awareness


    • Pull up the slide show with commonly asked questions about crypto
    • Look through the 3-2-1 Reflection exit tickets from the last lesson to see which questions from the slide show were asked
    • Make a copy of the slide show and determine which questions you want to answer with students during this lesson; if time allows, you may opt to go through the whole slide show even if not all of the questions were asked
    • Print out the advertisement assignment & rubric 

Common Questions about Crypto (10-20 mins)

Say: Today we are going to address some of the questions you had from last session that you added to the second part of the 3-2-1 Reflection exit ticket. 

Go through slide show.

Grade and Share Out (5 min)

When students are finished, have them grade themselves and each other. Then have them share their advertisements.