Lesson 6: Stash101 Wheel—Preparing for Unexpected Expenses
Primary, Roll Out Your Classroom Economy, Lesson 6
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Stash101 Wheel Ideas/Events

Lesson 6: Stash101 Wheel—Preparing for Unexpected Expenses

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to identify, experience, and plan for unexpected situations in life that cost or bring in money. They will also be able to understand the benefits of preparing for the unexpected by purchasing insurance.

Jump$tart Standard: Managing Risk: 

4-1a. Give examples of risks that people and households face.

8-3a. Discuss how people use insurance to share the risk of financial loss.

SEL Competency: Responsible decision-making


  • Go to Classroom > Stash101 Wheel and add some positive and negative occasional or unexpected life events. Determine how often students can spin the wheel—I recommend daily or weekly.
  • Here is a sample list of some random expenses, also found at the end of this document.
  • Go to the purple “Settings” button and turn on “Students can play the Stash101 Wheel.”


Explain Stash101 Wheel (5 min)

Ask: What are some things that you and your family might have to spend money on sporadically, randomly, occasionally, or without planning in advance? 

Think. Pair. Share. 

(e.g., ice cream, birthday party, dentist, doctor, car accident, etc.)

Ask: What are some things that you and/or your family receive money for sporadically, randomly, or occasionally?

Think. Pair. Share.

(e.g., birthday money, Christmas, lottery, doing chores, etc.)

Ask: Which of these is more common? Having to spend money unexpectedly or making money on random things or events? If you said “spending,” you’re right—and that’s life! 

Say: Once a week/day, you will be able to spin the Stash101 Wheel. When you spin, you will randomly get a deposit to your account or a withdrawal from it. You can choose whether or not you spin the wheel. May the odds be ever in your favor! 

What students see:

Say: Log in to Stash101 and go to My Bank > Stash101 Wheel. Spin the wheel. Remember, make sure first that you have enough money in your checking account to cover any random expenses that may come up. 

Optional: Explain Insurance (5 min)

After students have spun the wheel a few times, introduce the concept of insurance. Tell students that they can pay a monthly bill of $_____ to financially protect themselves from a negative life event that might happen when they spin the wheel, such as a car accident, health problem, or home repair.

Explain the reimbursement ticket process (see example below).

Reimbursement Ticket: 


Please reimburse (Name)_______________________ for                        $_____________ (½ of the original amount). (Name)_________ has insurance to cover the ___________________Stash101 Wheel event, which initially cost $ ________________.

*Banker: Check that your client pays their monthly insurance bill, and then create a custom action item deposit for the amount requested. Submit this signed and completed reimbursement ticket to me once the client’s account is up to date. 

Stash101 Wheel Ideas: 


Event Name Event Description Cost
Participation Thanks for participating in class  +50
Class Counselor Check-In Did you submit your class counselor check-in for this week?  +50
Chromebook Issue Is your Chromebook in good working order for distance learning? Did you find a good learning spot and bring your charger? If your Chromebook’s not ready to go for class, you will receive a fee/withdrawal. -75
Happy Friday BONUS! +100
Distance Learning Sad about moving to distance learning, but happy I get to see you daily +75
Emergency Vet Bill Your pet ate something it shouldn’t have, and now it needs surgery -1000
Pet Food Yes, a pet is cute and cuddly, but it costs money. You need to buy it food -50
Speeding Ticket Officer, that speed limit sign said 45, not 35, I swear… -150
Oil Change You need to keep your car running! -39
Sewer Backed Up Yeah, gross, I know. But it happens. Call a plumber -500
Parking Ticket You parked in town and didn’t pay the meter  -75
Random Act of Kindness You walked a neighbor’s dog when the neighbor was sick +30
Random Act of Kindness You found someone’s notebook or backpack and returned it +40
Birthday check from a relative Woohoo!  +25
Sold Stuff on Facebook Marketplace Got rid of the old and now have some cash! +110
Lemonade Stand Sold lemonade to make some cash! Yay for being an entrepreneur +44


Natural Disasters Wheel Ideas: