Lesson 3: Resumes on Stash101
Secondary, Unit 1: Stash101 Rollout, Lesson 3
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Adjective List Resume Examples

Lesson 3: Resumes on Stash101

Learning Objective:

Students will be able to identify personal qualities that will help them write a resume. Students will be able to analyze two sample resumes to determine assumptions an employer might make, after which they will complete their own resume.

Jump$tart Standard: Earning Income: 

8-2c. Assess personal skills and interests and match them to various career options.

12-4a. Identify different types of jobs and careers where wages and salaries depend on a worker’s productivity and skills.

SEL Competency: Self-awareness


    • Make sure every student has a login to Stash101
    • Print out or display adjective list (included at end of lesson plan)
    • Make sure your classroom jobs are updated in Stash101. They can be found under Economy > Jobs
    • Print out or display the two resume examples (included at end of lesson plan)
    • Read through lesson plan

Financial Literacy Review (5 min)

Return exit tickets from last lesson.

Say: Turn and tell your partner what “financial literacy” means. Feel free to use the posters from last session and your exit ticket to refresh your memory. 


Cold call a few students to share out.

Introduction to You (5 min)

Say: Think about different words that describe you. (Pause.) We are going to go around in a circle and share out one word that describes you. Feel free to use the words on the board (adjective list included at end of lesson). (Teacher, start by sharing a word that describes yourself.)

Say: As you can see, we are all very different—and we are all very similar. All of these adjectives, or describing words, help us identify our different characteristics. A resume or profile lets us focus on our amazing personal characteristics and gives us a chance to let people know who we are. 

Resume Comparison (10 min)

Say: Today you will take some time to write your own resume on Stash101 that the rest of your classmates will be able to see. This is a very basic resume, more like a quick overview of yourself. Let’s take a look at two example resumes. 

Show two examples.

Ask: What do you notice about each resume? What assumptions can you make about each resume? Who would you hire? Why?

Resume Work Time (15 min)

Say: Log in to your account and click on Jobs > Resume. Fill in your professional summary, achievements, work experience, volunteer experience, education, and additional skills. Once you are done, save your work.  

Share out all resumes on the promethean board/projector to show students that their work will be visible all year to each other, so they should put effort into it. 

Say: During our next class, you will turn in your job application and submit your resume through Stash101.

Extension: Hands-on Art: High-five Hands (10 min)

Say: Look at the list of words we started class with and look at your completed resume. I want you to choose five words that describe you. Then, on a piece of construction paper, trace your arm and your hand. On each of your digits, write or type out one of the five words that you would use to describe yourself during an interview. In the center of your hand, add your name, and on the forearm, add a quote that resonates with you or defines/inspires you. See examples below.

(Share out, and then post the students’ work on a bulletin board.)