Lesson 2: Profile and Resume Setup
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List of Adjectives Resume Examples

Lesson 2: Profile and Resume Setup

Learning Objective

Students will be able to identify personal qualities they can use to write a resume.

Jump$tart Standard: Earning Income: 

4-1b. Discuss the types of knowledge, skills, interests, and experience required for different types of jobs.

8-2c. Assess personal skills and interests and match them to various career options.

SEL Competency: Self-awareness


  • Make sure every student can log in to www.Stash101.com If someone forgets their username or password, go to the Home page and click on the blue pencil to the far right of the student’s name to retrieve or update that information
  • Print out a list of adjectives (also included at the end of this document)
  • Print out or show examples of resumes to students (also included at the end of this document)

Circle Up (3 min)

Display list of adjectives on the board for all students to see, or distribute printed list.

Ask students if there are any words they don’t know. Tell them these adjectives are words that can describe a person’s personality, and ask if there are any additional adjectives they can think of that represent positive personality traits.

Say: Think about different words that describe you. 


Say: Choose two words that most resonate with you. We are going to go around in a circle and share out those two words. You can repeat what someone else has said. 

Explanation and Examples (10 min)

Say: As you can see, we are all very different and we are all very similar. All of these adjectives, or describing words, make us good at different things. A resume, or profile, focuses on the amazing things about each of us. We have a chance to let people know about who we are on the inside and on the outside. Resumes and profiles also highlight things you have done in the past that make you qualified for the job you want. Today you will take some time to write your own resume on Stash101 that the rest of your classmates can see. 

Here are a few examples of resumes. Think about what makes each one impressive and what conclusions you draw about each person based on their resume information. 

Show the two resume examples below. 

Share out your impressions of each of the candidates based on their resume. 

Ask: Who would you hire and why? What qualifications might you add to your resume? 

A: Previous experience from babysitting, pet sitting, yard work, school achievements including Honor Roll, etc.

Student Resume Work Time (25 min)

Say: Log in to your account and go to Jobs > Resume. Think about what we noticed in the two resume examples. Write your resume here. Once you are done, click the blue button at left to save your work. When you apply for jobs, I will be looking at your resume to determine if you are a good fit for the job. Plus your peers can see your resume as well, so put some thought into it.

Say: Below the resume, there is a section where you can fill out a cover letter. We will be doing that later, so skip that step for now. 


Say: Anyone want to share their resume? 

Go to Students > Leaderboard and click on a student’s name to see their resume. Share some resumes on the white board/projector.

Say: Now you can choose your profile avatar or upload a picture. Remember it must be school appropriate.

Give students a few minutes to choose one.

Debrief (2 min)

Say: Turn and tell your partner the purpose of a resume. What might an employer look for in a resume? 

Share out responses.

Extension: Hands-on Art: High-Five Hands (10 min)

Say: Look at the list of words we started class with, and look at your completed resume.

I want you to choose five words that describe you. Then, on a piece of construction paper, trace your arm and your hand. On each of your digits, write one word you would use to describe yourself during an interview (you can also type these words, then cut and paste them). In the center of your hand, add your name, and on the forearm, add a quote that defines/resonates with/inspires you. See examples below.