How to Motivate Students during the Pandemic with Stash101

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With the ongoing pandemic still on people’s minds—and maybe especially on the minds of teachers—the conversation around how schools can continue to effectively teach and keep students engaged has been a hot topic. What’s become clear: how we educate our students is changing, and teachers are feeling the pressure. With issues around masks, social distancing, quarantining and more still evolving, teachers need a dependable way to manage students in a remote environment—and Stash101 solves that problem while giving students the opportunity to build real-world skills.

Stash101 is a free platform that can be used as a classroom economy, personal finance course, or both. And while it was designed with the idea of learning about money in mind, teachers of all subjects have found creative ways to use it to motivate students. The platform was created by a teacher, and it functions as a customizable classroom management solution both in the classroom and in remote settings.

Implementing Stash101 in a remote setting 

To start, create routines around the Stash101 platform. For example: whenever you post a new assignment, video, or PowerPoint for students, use Stash101 to create a quick follow-up quiz, attach a monetary value to each question, and then relax as Stash101 automatically grades the quizzes and deposits money into students’ checking accounts when they get correct answers.

This frees up time to make more video lessons or answer emails, and keeps you from wasting time making sure everyone has completed the assignment or grading each question.

Whether you teach personal finance, math, or literature, Stash101 can be customized to fit your classroom’s needs. Do you want everyone to sign in to their remote classroom on time? Mass apply $25 to all students who are on time. Keep the PBIS model in mind and consistently connect positive, wanted behaviors to rewards and bonuses.

Want more tips? Watch this short video (~4 minutes) to see how easily Stash101 can be set up to motivate your students during remote learning. (In case you get confused: Stash101 used to be PayGrade!). Then, create your Stash101 account today!

Janessa Boulay

Written by

Janessa Boulay

Janessa Boulay is the Director of Education at Stash101. She taught elementary and middle school students in Colorado before becoming an entrepreneur by starting her own software company, PayGrade, in her classroom. In June 2020, PayGrade joined forces with Stash and became Stash101, a free financial literacy platform that educates 100,000+ students around the country. Janessa loves bringing quality financial education to educators, schools, and organizations by creating content for Stash101 and presenting at conferences and on webinars. She truly believes financial literacy can transform students’ lives and empower them to build a brighter future.