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Nov 20, 2018

Give Thanks to Yourself By Investing In Your Future

By Stash Team

You have a lot to be thankful for, and by investing now, you can give a gift to the future-you.

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You came, you saw, you started saving. Look in the mirror and give thanks to you, the person who decided that your future is worth investing in.

As you tease your weird uncle for hoarding the stuffing, ponder the differences between white and dark meat, and plan the perfect Irish exit out of grandma’s side door after dinner, you can pat yourself on the back for doing something special for yourself.

Let’s take a look back at all the things you might have done in 2018.

You started saving for a rainy day.

You realized that you never want to be caught financially flat-footed. You started saving into your emergency fund. That safety net, containing at least a few months’ worth of expenses, will save you from adding to your credit card debt (or cause you to go without essentials) in case of an emergency medical bill or car trouble.

You started budgeting.

Everyone has been telling you to do it to make a budget. But you didn’t know how. This year, you learned different ways and methods to allocate your funds so that you know where each dollar is headed toward. And you even realized that you can save for the things you want (like a vacation) while you’re saving for the things you need (your retirement). Nice!

Get started: The Easiest Budget You’ll Ever Make

You started thinking about retirement.

You came to the conclusion that there’s a wonderful life to be led after you stop working. You took the plunge and opened an IRA or started taking advantage of your 401K at work. Big ups to you for realizing that while the future may be far away, you can make it golden, girl (or boy).  Stacking savings toward your future can be the best investment you can make in yourself. We’re proud of you.

You started putting your money to work.

You learned the difference between saving and investing, an essential lesson that your friends and relatives at your Thanksgiving table may not know. You created a diversified portfolio, chock full of stocks, bonds, and ETFs that reflect your interests but also include different sectors and parts of the world. That’s something to be seriously proud of. You became an investor and that’s a real (turkey) feather in your cap.

You got smarter about your money.

A financial education can last you a lifetime. You learned all about compounding, dividends, and risk. You listened to the podcast and learned about inflation, diversification, and volatility. You also learned the benefits of buying of holding your investments rather than leading with your emotions and selling at the first raindrop in the market. No one can take that away from you, you learned it all on your own.

You stayed the course.

At Stash, we recommend one strategy above all else: Stay the course. That means saving and investing your money for the long-haul, and carefully thinking through your financial decisions.

You learned that investing is a marathon, not a sprint. You kept that in mind when the markets went wild. That’s a lesson that a lot people, even the billionaires on Wall Street, may not know.

Stash gives thanks for you.

Without you, there’s no Stash. We’re so grateful to you for including us on your financial journey. We’ll be here for you through all your milestones and goals, whatever they may be.

So take another helping of cranberry and stuffing Stasher. You deserve it!

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