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Mar 22, 2023

Stash’s One-Stop Guide to Tax Season

By Team Stash

Before you file your taxes, it can help you to get organized.

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Filing your taxes can seem overwhelming, and you might be tempted to wait until the deadline to get all your paperwork in order. 

But filing your taxes doesn’t have to be painful, and if you get organized, it can really help you file more quickly. So, we’ve pulled together this guide to help you navigate basics about filing, including the forms, dates, and recent changes to tax brackets. 

Remember: The sooner you file your taxes, the sooner you’re likely to receive a tax refund, if you’re eligible to receive one.

Check out all of our tax season tips:


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Team Stash

*This information should be construed as Tax or Legal advice. For additional Tax related information please consult a Tax professional. In addition, you may access the IRS website.

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