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Jun 5, 2024

Introducing Goals

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I love goals. Setting them, working towards them, and ultimately achieving them. When I commit to a goal, I visualize what I truly want and how quickly I’m going to make it happen. 

Research shows that the initial step of setting goals improves the likelihood of achieving them. (People are 42% more likely to achieve goals just by writing them down). The act transforms aspirations into reality.

This is the rationale for the new Goals experience in Stash. It’s the kind of product only Stash would think of and build, and is structurally similar to the type of guidance you would get when you consult with an expensive financial advisor. But we get to unleash it for our millions of subscribers, starting now, as part of the Stash experience.

The revamped Goals experience guides users through the process of setting a goal. Stashers set goals for everything from getting a new phone, to going on vacation, to setting aside money for a downpayment. Some of our personal favorites are the goals that say “Just get started” or “Invest something.” So many people simply want to build the habit of investing, and that’s what we’re here to unlock and make possible. 

The new experience extends beyond Goals too. Similar to working with a financial advisor, it gives actionable steps to reach these goals. This includes breaking down precisely how much money should be invested each week and recommending the most suitable investment options for your timeframe and risk level.

Like every experience in Stash, this new feature is built with ease and accessibility in mind, and only offers investment advice that prioritizes your best interests.

Give the new Goals experience a try and share your feedback on how we can enhance your experience. And look out for more updates: Goals is part of a larger refresh coming your way over the next month or so. 

Now, go out there and crush those goals!


Lauren McKenzie has spent over 20 years making complex ideas and interactions simpler. Much of that time has been in the financial services industry at companies like Fidelity, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch. She’s passionate about investing and strives to make the process easy, accessible and rewarding for everyone.


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