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Nov 18, 2019

Get Comfy with Spending Cushions!

By Team Stash

Our new banking feature can help you create short-term savings.

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When you’re planning your financial life, there are often things you need to take care of right now, like rent and bills. And then there are things you need to take care of in the future, such as saving for a house or planning for retirement.

But it’s often the things we need to take care of right now that can give us trouble. Life happens, and unplanned expenses arise. Even things like weddings and holiday gifts can affect our financial lives.

That’s why Stash is introducing something called Spending Cushions. It’s a way to separate your debit account into two different buckets, so you can create a place for short-term savings* that can help you plan for the near future.

Short-term savings can be used for things like a repair after you accidentally drop your phone and crack the screen, or for the vet bill after your puppy has eaten a box of crayons, or even that special dinner out to celebrate your child’s high school graduation.

How Cushions work

If you have a Stash Debit card, you can use the app to create a cushion. Simply go to the debit settings, and tap on the Create Cushion prompt. That will set up a special partition for your short-term savings. You can then transfer in as much money as you like, as often as you like. You can even set reminders for when your cushion gets low, to transfer money in again.

The money is always there for you to use. Simply transfer it from your Cushion to your Stash Debit account. Transfers are immediate, so you don’t have to worry about delays in using your money.

With Cushions, you can always be sure you have the savings you need to meet your short-term expenses when they arise.

We’re really excited to introduce you to Cushions, our newest banking feature. We hope it will help you save money in the short run, while you plan for the financial future you want.

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*Money put into Cushions will not earn interest (APY)

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