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Oct 2, 2015

Investing: Learn By Doing

By Stash Team
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It would be great to become an expert on finance before investing a single penny. But that’s a big, time-consuming project.

In the meantime, you could miss out on the potential returns of the market.

Just start now

When it comes to saving and investing, time is on your side. The key is to get started. To make that happen, give yourself a break. Forget the instructions at first. Learn by doing.

Trying to be perfect from the beginning is counterproductive – instead, it’s all about speed and flexibility.

Something similar is happening in education. Instead of listening to teachers lecture, children are getting more hands on – tinkering, experimenting, failing, and gaining knowledge through experience.

At Stash, we screen investments, so while you have choices, there are no wrong answers. We let you start with as little as $5.

After all, when you learned to ride a bike, you started with training wheels, not an instruction manual. And look at you now!

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Stash Team

*Remember past performance is no indication of future performance. Investing involves the risk of loss.




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