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Feb 26, 2018

Investing in Single Stocks with Stash

By Lindsay Goldwert

You can add select single stocks to your Stash portfolio. Here’s how.

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Same great Stash, now with more flash.

Stash now offers its customers selected single stocks, in addition to its themed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). You’ll have more choices than ever to build out a balanced portfolio with fractional shares. And you can buy them right in the app.

The Stash Way, Now with Single Stocks

Your investment choices may have changed but our ethos remains the same.

You don’t need a lot of money to start investing. Stash lets you open an investment account with just $5. Want to open a traditional or Roth IRA for retirement? You can also start one on Stash with just $5. You can purchase fractional shares of selected single stocks and ETFs. It’s a great way to start growing your savings, beginning with what you can afford.

Get diversified. Stocks, bonds, or funds? They can all be part of your portfolio on Stash.

Choose investments that include companies that excite you, and sectors that are changing the way we live. Stash will help you create a diversified portfolio that’s tailored to your risk profile.

Stash will send you an overexposure warning, urging you to diversify, if 10% of your investment portfolio is held in individual company stocks.

Dollar-cost average. It’s a fancy term for an easy-to-grasp concept. By consistently investing small amounts of money into your diversified portfolio over time, you can potentially capture the highs of the market, and buy more when the market dips. Turn on Auto-Stash and take the headache out of remembering to put money toward your investments week after week.

Time is your best friend, the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

Buy and hold. Stash is not for quick day trading. It’s for people who want to build wealth over time. Take a long view and ride out market storms. The longer you keep your money in the market, the longer it can continue working for you. It’s called compounding, and it can help your money grow and grow over time.

Think about the life you want ten, twenty, and even thirty years from now, not what you want to buy tomorrow. Disciplined investing can help you achieve your goals.

There’s never been more ways to invest in yourself.

Before investing, please carefully consider your willingness to take on risk and your financial ability to afford investment losses when deciding how much individual security exposure to have in your investment portfolio.

Investing made easy.

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Hooked on Stash? Tell your friends!

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Written by

Lindsay Goldwert

Lindsay Goldwert is an author and freelance personal finance writer, as well as the host of Spent podcast


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