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Mar 12, 2020

How Stash Protects Its Customers

By Brandon Krieg

We’re also ensuring the safety of our team and the continuity of our platform.

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Hi Stashers, 

As the market continues to fluctuate, I’ve reiterated how we recommend following The Stash Way during particularly turbulent times. It can help you to tune out the noise and remain confident in your investment approach. 

And, I’m thankful that you’re listening! Amid the market turmoil that started last week, more Stash customers deposited money on the platform than any week so far this year.1 We are also seeing more and more people make Stash their bank and earn stock-back for their everyday spending.

Our responsibility to you remains unchanged. You’ve trusted us to help guide you on your financial journey, and we don’t take that for granted. 

 It’s business as usual at Stash. Here’s how we’re working to stay one step ahead of the situation: 

  • First and foremost, we value the health and safety of our employees. We’re taking appropriate steps to help ensure their well-being, and we will continue to support your day-to-day needs.
  • We have business continuity and resilience measures in place to help keep our technology up and running seamlessly. 
  • We’re working closely with our banking, trading, and customer service partners across the board to learn how to adapt quickly to ensure you get the service you deserve.
  • We’re following the CDC’s COVID-19 precautions very closely, and are consistently updating our Stash employee team on how to best comply with the CDC’s guidance. We’re also ensuring the Stash app remains fully-functional, and giving you the highest level of support you deserve.

As we continue to monitor COVID-19, and its potential impact on our team, we remain vigilant, but calm. If anything changes that affects the reliability of our service, we’ll share updates via email and on Twitter at @Stash, including the best ways to contact us for speedy support. Please continue to reach out to us through email, phone, or our easy self-servicing tool here

Stay healthy and keep Stashing,

Written by

Brandon Krieg

Brandon Krieg is the CEO and co-founder of Stash.

1Methodology: “Deposited money” is defined as the sum of complete incoming transfers from external funding sources to Stash and complete investment purchases across all brokerage accounts (including IRAs). This statistic does not include transfers through the Stash Debit Account. “Deposited money” does not factor in withdrawals or positions being sold. Time Frame: January 1st 2020 – March 9th 2020. On a weekly basis the average amount of users who deposit money on the platform is 350,000. 
This information is for informational and educational purposes only.



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