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Nov 21, 2017

China Social Media Giant Tencent is Now More Valuable Than Facebook

By Team Stash

China’s Tencent Holdings overtook Facebook by size, with a market cap of $534.5 billion.

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Move over, Facebook. There’s some serious competition in the social media world.

China’s Internet conglomerate Tencent Holdings overtook Facebook by size on Tuesday, with a market capitalization of $534.5 billion, compared to Facebook’s $519 billion, according to reports.

Tencent’s share price has surged following strong third quarter earnings, reported last week, with profits increasing nearly 70% in the quarter.

What’s Tencent?

Tencent is a tech conglomerate offering Internet services, an online advertising platform, and mobile games, among other things. It’s perhaps best-known, however, for its WeChat messaging service, which has close to 1 billion users who send about 38 billion messages each day, according to Reuters.

Market cap, is the total dollar value of a company’s shares. It’s often used to evaluate a company’s overall size

Tencent was founded by entrepreneur Ma Huateng in 1998. It has invested in numerous U.S. startups, including Snap and Tesla. Ma has an estimated net worth of $42 billion, according to CNN.

Earlier this month, Tencent caused a stir when it snapped up 12% of Snap after the U.S.-based messaging app company reported less than stellar earnings.

Tencent is now the fifth-largest publicly traded company in the world, according to Reuters. It ranks behind Apple, whose market capitalization of $873 billion makes it the most valuable company in the world, as well as Google parent company Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon.

[infogram id=”5624b090-27a2-48c8-b10f-fac165874e59″ prefix=”qmT” format=”interactive” title=”Tencent Chart”]

Largest publicly traded companies by market cap.

What is a market capitalization?

A market capitalization, or market cap, is the total dollar value of a company’s shares. It’s often used to evaluate a company’s overall size.

Market cap is determined using a simple calculation: You multiply the company’s share price by the number of shares available for sale. In this case, Tencent’s share price was about 440 Hong Kong dollars. It has about 1 billion shares outstanding.

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That gives Tencent a market cap of roughly 4.17 trillion Hong Kong dollars, or $534.5 billion, according to CNBC. It’s the first Chinese company to reach the $500 billion market cap mark, beating out rival Alibaba, the Chinese eCommerce company.


Written by

Team Stash

Sources: Yahoo Finance and CNBC, as of 11/22/17


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