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Apr 15, 2019

Find Money and Rewards to Bulk Up Your Stash Account (Without Making a Deposit)

By Stash Team

Use Stash to generate rewards and keep growing your accounts. Here’s how.

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Most of us need to use our paychecks to pay rent, buy groceries, or fill the Toyota Tercel with gas. And it can be a stretch to find extra money to save and invest.

The good news is that there are ways to increase the amounts of money in your Stash account without initiating a deposit from your linked bank account.

It’ll just take a little initiative and can-do attitude. Here are six ways you can start Stashing more without tapping your potentially tapped-out checking account.

1. Refer your friends!

You can earn money by referring your friends, enemies, frenemies, or anyone else to Stash. Get bonus cash to invest for each friend who joins (up to $500).

2. Let your investments earn you money

Your investments can earn you more money which you can then reinvest.

How? By earning dividends and interest payments. Stock owners may periodically receive dividends as a cut of a company’s profits, while bond owners may get interest payments on their debt securities.

3. Win contests!

Stash occasionally has contests and sweepstakes (Stash ran a contest called The Vault, for example, during 2018) that users can win to add to their accounts. Take part, and see if you can win.

4. Turn on Round-Ups

Round-Ups are a feature of the revamped Auto-Stash, and they allow you to “round up” your transactions to the nearest dollar, depositing the difference into your Stash account. This is money coming from your bank account, but it’s a simple way to supercharge your investing with small amounts.

With time, your Round-Ups could add up!

Learn more about Round-Ups, and how to turn them on.

5. Sign up for Stock-Back

Stock-Back is our proprietary rewards program that lets you earn stock when you spend on qualifying purchases with your Stash debit card.

Make a purchase with your Stash debit card anywhere1 nationwide—at more than 11 million U.S. businesses2—and get rewards in the form of a fractional share of stock, on us3. Pretty simple.

For example, if you purchase something from Amazon, you’ll earn AMZN Stock-Back as a reward. The same goes for your Netflix subscription, or those lattes you buy at Starbucks. We’ll deposit fractional shares of NFLX and SBUX in your Invest account4. And if the company isn’t available as an investment on our platform, you’ll earn Stock-Back in a Stash-approved ETF.

So, if you make a qualifying purchase at a small, local hardware store, for example, your Stock-Back reward will be from a Stash-approved ETF.

First, you’ll need to sign up for a Stash invest account, and then a Stash bank account5. The stock you earn on qualifying purchases will then be added to your Stash Invest account.

6. Get Stock-Back Bonuses6

With Stock-Back bonuses, we’ll do you one better.  We’ll choose merchants, such as Netflix, Dunkin’, and Starbucks for you to earn extra Stock-Back at for a limited time7. All those lattes you get at Starbucks, munchkins from Dunkin, even your monthly Netflix subscription—could be eligible for a Stock-Back bonus between 1% and 5% of your purchase, subject to terms and conditions.

All you have to do is opt-in to Stock-Back and swipe or pay with your Stash debit card when you buy at those merchants who are eligible for bonuses, and we’ll deposit the bonus in your Invest account. There’s no additional enrollment needed for the Stock-Back bonuses—this is another benefit of the Stock-Back program.

To view your bonus offers, just go to your debit account from the app and tap the Stock-Back tile, then click View this month’s bonuses for current offers. Or check out updates here. 

As always, we want to remind you that stocks aren’t risk-free investments. Your stock can lose value, just as it can appreciate in value. It’s always smart to diversify with a mixture of investments, including stocks, bonds, and other securities in various sectors, industries, and geographies.

Learn more about Stock-Back and Stock-Back Bonuses and how to qualify.

If you’re not yet an investor, you can get started with only $5 on Stash.

Make saving and investing a habit.

Go automatic with Auto-Stash.
Start now

Make saving and investing a habit.

Go automatic with Auto-Stash.
Start now

Make saving and investing a habit.

Go automatic with Auto-Stash.
Start now

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