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Feb 2, 2021

Building Financial Freedom and Wealth in the Black Community

By Stash Team

Learn more about the biggest financial issues facing Black Americans.

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This year, Black History Month arrives during a year in which racial justice has been central for individuals and businesses alike, as the U.S. reckons with its history of racism. 

The death of a Black man named George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May, 2020, spurred a summer of protests over police brutality and racial justice, even as people across the country dealt with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In response, companies including Target, Twitter, Nike, Apple, Sephora, and many more promised to address racism in their lines of business and to prioritize equality in hiring. Additionally, elected officials across the U.S. have promised to address racism at the local and national level. Still, the U.S. has a ways to go in terms of solving problems such as the homeownership gap and student debt faced by Black Americans. 

To honor Black History Month, Stash is taking a look at some of the most pressing financial issues affecting the Black community. We also offer some insights into how anyone can improve their financial lives.

Plus, listen to Stash’s podcast Teach Me How to Money, the go-to personal finance podcast for everything you want to know about your money. These episodes feature Black personal finance experts discussing top money issues.


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