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Feb 6, 2017

The 50 Cities Where The Best Investors Live, By State

By Erica Bentley

When it comes to actually following with Auto-Stash, it turns out that Stashers in some cities do it better.

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Investing on a regular basis with Auto-Stash. Adding several ETFs to diversify your portfolio. These are two of the keys to smart investing on Stash. But when it comes to actually following through, it turns out that Stashers in some cities do it better.

We looked at the entire Stash community to identify the locations where investors set aside money regularly with Auto-Stash, and own multiple investments to diversify their portfolio, at a higher level than the rest of the state.

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How’d we figure all of this out? We’re glad you asked. We split the analysis into two parts: How did the investors in each location compare to the national population of Stashers for both Auto-Stash and diversification? Because regularity and diversification are both important investing habits, we weighted Auto-Stash and diversification equally.

Want to see who rose above the rest? Let’s take a road trip.

Here are the 50 cities where the best Stash investors* live:

Alabama: Auburn

The tide might roll in Tuscaloosa, but Auburn’s putting investing on the map.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska: Anchorage

With just over 300,000 people, Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city. And Alaska is America’s largest state. It only makes sense that they would be out-investing their Alaskan Stash peers.

Arizona: Tempe

Stashers from this sun-drenched city are beating out larger cities like Phoenix and Tucson.

Arkansas: Bentonville

Bentonville might be the tenth largest city in the Natural State, but it boasts the state’s best investors on Stash.

California: San Francisco

SF is the least affordable place to live in the country, but somehow SF Stashers find a way to set money aside on a regular basis.

Colorado: Denver

The Mile High City isn’t just for ski adventures and legal pot. It’s also where the best Stashers live in the Centennial State.

Stamford, Connecticut

Connecticut: Stamford

The Stashers of Stamford are sailing the high seas of investing with a fixed course toward great investing habits. ⚓

Delaware: Newark

For a city of just over 30,000 in the second tiniest state, Newark, DE is packing quite the investing punch on Stash.

Florida: Jacksonville

The sunshine state’s top investors on Stash hail from Jacksonville. Diversity is the name of the investing game in Jacksonville. These Stashers beat out their Floridian counterparts, Orlando and Miami, with more diverse portfolios.

Georgia: Atlanta

Like the Phoenix that symbolizes the city, Stashers in Atlanta are rising to the top! Keep up that solid investing strategy.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii: Honolulu

Honolulu has a diverse mix of cultures and traditions, and their Stashers like their portfolios diverse, too.

Idaho: Boise

There’s more to Idaho than potatoes, and there’s more to the residents of Boise than thriving art culture and fantastic breweries. Boise Stashers are bringing it when it comes to investing.

Illinois: Chicago

Chicago boasts the nation’s second best Stashers by city, with the highest percentage of investors on Auto-Stash.

Indiana: Indianapolis

It’s no wonder that the home of one of the most famous races on Earth is zooming past its Stash neighbors to the solid investing strategy finish line. 

Iowa: West Des Moines

This hipster haven is keeping their investing game on Stash as diverse as their county affiliations. (One town in three counties? Get outta’ here!)

Kansas: Olathe

No! Not that silly snowman making life difficult for Anna and Kristoff! It’s pronounced oh-lay-thuh. And their investment game is anything but frozen.

Lexington, Kentucky

Kentucky: Lexington

Affectionately known as the ‘Horse Capital of the World’, Lexington Stashers have the exacta: portfolios that win in regular investing habits and diversification.

Louisiana: Baton Rouge

Garth Brooks may have spent his last dime callin’ Baton Rouge, but residents of this city know better. They Stash that cash better than any other city in the state.

Maine: Portland

One of two Portlands to make our list. Portland Stashers just seem to be upping the investing behavior bar, no matter which coast they call home.

Maryland: Baltimore

Good Morning, Baltimore Stashers! Wake up and smell those diverse portfolios.

Massachusetts: Medford

Founded almost 400 years ago, this town is home to Tufts University and the best Stashers in Massachusetts.

Detroit, Michigan

Michigan: Detroit

Detroit has always been home to trendsetters, so why should investing be any different? Our favorite Detroit based trend? Phone numbers! The private phone number was born here in the late 19th century.

Minnesota: Minneapolis

Despite their frigid winters, Minneapolis Stashers are bringing the heat to their financial futures.

Mississippi: Oxford

Home to Ole Miss, this college town’s residents aren’t just rebels on the football field, they also seem to be blazing a trail toward their Stash investing futures.

Missouri: Kansas City

Kansas City Stashers spread their investments around the most out of every city in the country. Diversified ☑️

Bozeman, Montana

Montana: Bozeman

It looks like Stashers in the Big Sky state aren’t just investing in wide open spaces and incredible views of the Bridgers. The residents of Bozeman have their eyes on wider financial futures, and are better Stashers than their Missoula counterparts. #GoCats

Nebraska: Lincoln

With all the unique museums in this city, Lincoln isn’t just about investing in the past. These Lincoln dwellers are also investing in their futures.

Nevada: Las Vegas

Las Vegas might be most well-known for gambling, but their Stash investing game is also on point.

New Hampshire: Manchester

The foliage isn’t the only thing on fleek in Manchester.

New Jersey: Hoboken

So much more than the birthplace of many Macy’s day parade floats and the very first game of baseball. Hoboken Stashers are committing to investing regularly.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico: Albuquerque

Albuquerque Stashers are setting the bar high for New Mexico investing. Which only make sense. At 5312 feet above sea level, this is the highest metro area in the US.

New York: Brooklyn

Not only did Brooklyn Stashers beat out every other New York zip code, they’re also ranked number one in the country. Move over, Wall Street. New York has a new darling on the investing scene.

North Carolina: Charlotte

Headin’ down south to the land of the pines, sweet tea, and regular investing habits.

North Dakota: Fargo

You’re darn tootin’ Fargo is burying the competition when it comes to investing on Stash.

Ohio: Columbus

Ranked the most intelligent city in the United States in 2013 by the Intelligent Community Forum, Columbus is putting their money where their high I.Q.s are. #GoBucks

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

With over 300 days of sun a year, the residents of Oklahoma City are also staying bright and shiny about their financial futures.

Oregon: Portland

Getting weird is officially compatible with investing. Portland may pride itself on staying weird, but those quirky hipsters are also stepping it up and getting in the investing game.

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia

Everything seems to be thriving in Philly: theatre, music, cheesesteaks, investing.

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island: Providence

For a tiny state, Providence Stashers pack a real punch. It also has the most coffee and donut shops per capita of any other city in the country. Yum. ☕

South Carolina: Columbia

Stashers from this capital city are investing their capital. Ba dum bum. 

South Dakota: Rapid City

It’s right there in the name! Rapid City residents aren’t lollygagging about getting on the investing bandwagon.

Tennessee: Nashville

Anchor Down. Nashvillians reign supreme and have the best investing habits on Stash in the entire Volunteer State.

Texas: Austin

If you ask an Austin Stasher, they like to keep their city weird and their investment portfolio diverse.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah: Salt Lake City

SLC isn’t just for ski bums and lovers of saline lakes. This Rocky Mountain metropolis is also a great place to be a Stasher.

Vermont: Burlington

Ben and Jerry aren’t the only ones with dough in the game in Vermont. Burlington Stashers are getting their investing green going faster the rest of the Green Mountain State.

Virginia: Virginia Beach

Virginia is for lovers, and Virginia Beach is for lovers of investing!

Seattle, Washington

Washington: Seattle

Coffee’s not the only thing brewing in this Pacific Northwest metropolis. The hill-driving Seattle Stashers are also making sure to caffeinate their financial futures.

West Virginia: Morgantown

This northern WV city boasts a population of 30,000, growing from September to May each year as the WVU students come back for class. Sit down and take notes – these Morgantown Stashers can show you how regular investing is done.

Wisconsin: Madison

Did you know Madison’s official bird is the pink flamingo? Nab that flamingo and throw a superhero investing cape on it. Madison boasts the state’s best Stashers.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Wyoming: Cheyenne

The Stashers of this Magic City of the Plains have some investing magic of their own going on. Of course, if by magic you mean regular investing habits and diversification skills.

Written by

Erica Bentley

*Best Stash investors are defined herein as the following: (1) Stash Clients who have enabled Auto-Stash, Stash’s systematic investing tool, and (2) Stash Clients with the highest number of investments, used as a proxy for diversification, further categorized by state of residence.


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